Why Did We Choose Stainless Steel For Our Bike Racks?

Why Did We Choose Stainless Steel For Our Bike Racks?

You may have heard recently about the stainless steel Tesla Cyber Truck having some rust issues. Well, stainless steel can rust, and some grades are more prone to it than others. Tesla uses their own proprietary grade of stainless, described to the public as “Ultra-hard 30X stainless steel.” They haven’t released the exact chemical makeup of it, but we should be able

to assume it’s a 300-series stainless steel. All 300 series stainless steel is pretty similar in most of their chemical composition, but they vary in a couple of important details: Nickel, Chromium, and Carbon.

Nickel and Chromium are the two big anti-corrosion components in stainless steel. Generally speaking, the more the better; and the more expensive. We don’t know what Tesla is using exactly, but the difference of just a couple percentages of nickel and chromium can make a significant difference.

Carbon content is inversely related to corrosion resistance of the welds – so less carbon equals better welds. You can easily identify Low-Carbon stainless steel because there is an L in the name – -like 304L, 316L, etc.

So why are some Tesla Cyber Trucks rusting? It could be the grade of stainless that they’re using. We can’t say for sure since they aren’t releasing the chemical composition of the material. But, Delorean used 304ss back in the 80’s, and although those cars had some issues, rusting wasn’t one of them.

Stainless Steel Car

The other possibility is that they’re just not cleaning the stainless after stamping the body panels. Scratches from mild steel can cause rusting on all grades of stainless if not cleaned properly. So, when Tesla stamps out body panels with a hardened steel die, it transfers contaminants onto an otherwise rust-free stainless steel surface.

Knowing all of this about stainless steel, why did we choose to manufacture our bike racks from Stainless and Aluminum instead of mild steel like our competitors use? In a word, Function.vWe manufacture a product that is designed to be used, not wear out.

With mild steel, as paint wears away and powdercoat chips off the edges, the quality of moving parts like hinges and latches deteriorate rapidly. However, our stainless steel hinges and latches are designed to wear-in, and actually get smoother with age.

Mild steel is difficult to keep from rusting since every component needs to be coated, especially parts that rub against each other. Powder coat doesn’t stick well to sharp edges like a laser or plasma cut steel plate; and doesn’t let it get scratched.

Stainless, on the other hand, is easy to keep from rusting:

First, choose the right grade. We went with 304L stainless steel for good corrosion resistance and quality of welds.

Second, keep it clean. We run all of our stainless plates through a 4+ hour passivation tumble bath to remove any potential contaminants from forming.

Third, if you need to buff out a scratch or gouge, use an aluminum oxide sanding pad or a stainless wire brush.

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