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Are you an Adventure Junkie?

Then there is nothing worse than having your gear let you down while pursuing your favorite Adrenaline Rushing or even ZEN Inducing adventures.

As a manufacture and designer of high-quality gear we strive to make the best solutions for our own adventures which means our customers can have a high level of confidence in their gear purchases.

About Us

It all starts with

Great Designs

With decades of experience designing world-class gear and equipment our team knows how to find and solve problems.

Since we are all users of the products we create, we always are looking for the simple, elegant, and effective solution to every gear related problem.


Local manufacturing ensures

Quality & Delivery

Yes, we believe in making things locally whenever possible. Since we own our own factory right here in the great Pacific Northwest of the USA, we know every single product will perform as intended.

We also control our delivery performance by building just what our customers want when they want it. We do not fill our warehouse with last season’s gear and closeouts.

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Do what you Love with the Right Gear

We started Addictive Adventure because we honestly believe everyone should pursue any adventure that makes them happy. The adage that “Life is Too Short” applies to all of us.

We encourage everyone to find their passion, their own adventures and go for it! Check back with us when you need to Experience Great Gear.

Our adventures are eclectic so you will never know what awesome piece of kit you might find on these pages!

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