Bike Rack


Rugged 304 stainless steel & Aluminum construction. Corrosion Resistant.

Built to have space for a spare tire on Jeeps.

Space for up to 6 bikes & trail tools.


**Built when ordered, allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.**

All racks are currently built-to-order. They’re designed to fit behind most vehicles, but we can accommodate unusual circumstances.  Drop us an email if you have fitment concerns or need something abnormal.

Supports all non-fat tire sizes – from 20 to 29+

This rack was built for durability.  100% stainless steel and aluminum construction, so it’s light where you want it and strong where you need it.

Foot-actuated tilt mechanism.  Tilting the rack out of the way of a tailgate or rear hatch can be done with one person, even when fully loaded.  Nervous about it auto-latching when up?  That’s why there’s two springs and two latch catches.

In the tilt-down position, it’s strong enough to sit on or use as a step to get into the bed.

Room for a spare tire.  Designed specifically to fit behind a Jeep’s spare tire.

Is there a bottle opener on it? We get asked this a lot.  The answer is No.  We don’t encourage glass bottles at trailheads.

Ask About our add-ons for trail builders  – a chainsaw mount, McLeod / Shovel mount, TRED mount, etc.

Why Stainless Steel and Aluminum?

Ever seen a 5 year old rack near the ocean? Powder coating doesn’t stick to edges well, so it tends to flake off and rust over time.  We use 304 stainless steel tubing because it resists rust.

We’ve been building stainless steel industrial equipment for over 20 years.  We apply high-quality industrial manufacturing practices to everything we do.  We may package our products in a drab brown box, but the contents are going to last a very long time.



2-Bike 60 lbs

4-Bike 85 lbs

5-Bike 97 lbs

6-Bike 102 lbs

Load Rating:

Can I put my E-Bike on it?  Yes.  Put up to Four E-bikes on the 4, 5, and 6-bike racks.

How much weight can it handle? That’s a tricky question for a couple reasons.

  1. There’s no universal rating system for bike racks.  What’s acceptable for one manufacturer might not be for another.
  2. Are you driving a smooth country road, or are you going for a KOM rally-shuttling laps up a logging road?
  3. What vehicle is it on?  Most modern unit-body cars and SUVs are going to flex  well before the rack does. We provide hooks to strap the top of the rack to the vehicle’s roof rack to help with this, but it still might be exceeding what the automotive manufacturer recommends.


  • Free shipping to the continental USA.

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Bike Rack Sizes

2, 4, 5, 6