Calling all Adventure Addicts...

Our mission here at Addictive Adventure is create a site that can be a hub for information, tips, ideas, reviews, gear and of course the gnarliest of adventures.

We hope to inspire everyone to go out into the Great Outdoor World and find your passion!

So to that end, we are looking for Ambassadors to represent the Addictive Adventure Lifestyle....AKA....the "AADDICTS".   That's right we want you to become an AADDICT.   Why?  because we will send you free gear to test, post your reviews , post your epic photos on our sites (, Pintrest, Instagram etc...) and if you have an especially insightful ideas...we will even design a custom product to fill the need you identified and send you samples to test it.

It is really easy to do, just click on Contact Us, then fill out your Name and Email, then most importantly, tell us "why you an Adventure-holic" in 100 words or less. 

As a token of our appreciation, you can use the following discount code at check-out, just click on the link below.

We will then contact the successful AADDICTS and start collaborating on our passions...Adventure!

Stay tuned for more...

The Gear Addict


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