Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship orders globally?

How long will my order take to arrive?

Where is my order being shipped from?

My order still hasn't arrived, I think it is lost?

Do you ship all of the products within my order at the same time?

What happens if no one is home and my order arrives?


Which cards do you accept?

Are your prices inclusive of tax?

Is it safe to purchase online?

Is all of my personal data protected on your site?

Order Changes

I need to change my order, who can help with this?

Damaged Items / Product Care

The goods I received are damaged, what should I do?

Emails & Notifications

Will I receive a confirmation email that my payment has been received and product(s) posted.

I placed an order but I didn't receive a confirmation email ... what's going on?

Other FAQ's

Why are some of your products free?

Partnerships / Sponsoring

I have sent you an email, when will you respond?